Sasha Assaul Design Bureau

All at once

Do you want to enjoy with reparation? Yes, it`s possible) Don’t you believe that it can be as easy and stressfree as possible? Or don’t want to communicate with builders? Leave this work to professionals!

Interior Design

Are you dreaming of creating the perfect space to live or work? Do you want to have a cozy atmosphere, color harmony, different lighting scenarios, conveniently and ergonomically located sockets and appliances, to make photos of your interior look like from the cover of top magazines?

Architectural supervision

No matter how wonderful the project is, there are always some unpredictable circumstances that can bring a lot of unpleasant emotions to an unprepared person.


Additional option for Architectural supervision. Purchase and organization of logistics of everything necessary for the facility. The design project includes a specification (a table that lists materials, furniture, lighting, etc.)

Technical Supervision

If necessary and desired by the client, we involve partners to provide technical supervision services. Our partners have the appropriate qualification certificates issued by the architectural and construction attestation commission.