Dutch Design Week 2022

Dutch Design Week 2022

Dutch Design Week, the largest design event in Northern Europe, brings together over 2,600 designers and creatives every year to showcase the latest in design and innovation.

The event, which will span nine days at various locations in Eindhoven, includes a range of exhibitions, networking events, lectures, award ceremonies and debates.

This year’s theme is called Get Set, which focuses on changing the mindset of a designer in order to develop products that drive change.

Dutch Design Week 2022 trends:
1. Latest technology. Artificial intelligence. Augmented and virtual reality.
2. Furniture. Rethinking shapes and materials. Many decisions are dictated by the idea of ​​recycling already used materials.
3. Mirrors of an unusual shape.
4. Ceramics and analogues from recycled plastic. Many are 3D printed.
5. Irregularly shaped carpets.
6. Small blocks of greenery in the interior.
7. New games, toys and playgrounds.
8. Fashion. Clothing made from recycled materials. For example, eggshell fabric.

Now let’s look at them in more detail in the photo below.